Richard’s Tuna & Rice

This recipe is compliments of my husband Richard, who ate this for lunch almost every day while we were dating.  We were both on very limited budgets during those years, and it was a tough period for both of us.  He would show up at my office around noon, with his tuna and crackers and spend his lunch break with me and we would talk about our day.  I knew it had to be serious when he shared his crackers with me.  I thought it was very romantic.  The fact that he took the time from his busy schedule to be with me meant a lot.  We still eat lunch together when we get the chance. 

On to the recipe.  Here are the ingredients.  I purchased tuna and brown rice on my weekly grocery trip to stock up on supplies.  

For this recipe you need brown rice in individual cups, tuna cups or packets, chopped onions, a boiled egg, mayo, mustard and pickle relish, and an apple. The apple and egg are from the breakfast bar I snagged this morning, the mayo, mustard and pickle relish are from Subway, and the chopped onion, brown rice and tuna are from the local store.  I started buying pre-chopped onions in a plastic container instead of whole onions because of the onion smell that was permeating from my fridge.  I kept them in a Ziploc bag but they persisted in having a strong odor.  The pre-chopped ones don’t have as much flavor but they’re easier to store and I’m sure my neighbors and the cleaning lady appreciate it.  Follow the instructions on the rice packets and heat in the microwave.

While the rice is heating up, dice  the eggs and apples.  I used 1 egg and about 1/2 apple for this recipe. 

Place the diced apples, eggs, cooked rice, tuna and diced onions into the Microwave dish or bowl.  Add the mayo and pickle relish and mix well.  I also add a packet of mustard to give it a little tanginess.  I used 3 packets of mayo because I like it moist.  Mix well. 

I was so hungry tonight and this looked so tasty after I put it together that I forgot to take a picture of the final product so I’ll substitute this picture instead.

D2 and richard

Richard and I, 20 years later, still happily married and still enjoying tuna and rice.

Richard’s Tuna and Rice

1 cup tuna or 1 tuna packet

1 cup pre-cooked brown rice or rice bowl

1 chopped egg

1/2 chopped apple

1/4 cup chopped onion

3 mayo packets

1 mustard packet

1-2 pickle relish packets

Follow cooking directions for pre-cooked rice.  cook for 1 minute in microwave.  Let cool.  Add to bowl.  Add 1 tuna cup or packet to cooled rice.  Chop 1 /2 apple and 1 egg and 1/4 cup onion.  Add to tuna mix.  Squeeze 3 packets of mayo, 1 packet of mustard and 1 packet pickle relish to tuna mixture.  Mix well.


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