Corn Flakes -It’s not Just for Breakfast Anymore

The Breakfast Bar at hotel “B” that I’m staying at this week, is a little different from hotel “A” I stayed at last time.  It has some good points and some bad points. Every hotel has a different breakfast bar set up so I have to adapt my recipes to what the hotel offers.  This hotel has boxes of cereal, where as the other hotel had the bins of cereal that you scooped out.  Boxes of cereal  are much easier to store and transport so I grabbed a box of Corn Flakes this morning.  I’m not a big Cornflake fan.  They remind me of the Beverly Hillbillies.  In every episode, Jethro eats a bodacious bowl for breakfast. Hilarity ensues.  Oh, boy.  Those Clampetts. What a hoot!  This box will never encounter a big bowl or milk.

The advantage this hotel has, is the evening Manager’s buffet that does offer free food, wine and beer.  It’s not good food or wine but it’s free.  They offer a salad and fruit bar every night with a different main dish.   Is it an advantage?  The jury is still out.

Heather’s wedding is next week so I decided to go work out for 30 minutes before cooking dinner.  I was hoping 10 pounds would magically fall off while I was working out on the treadmill.  Yea, that didn’t happen, so I stopped by and got a glass of wine.  I tend to sleep better at night if I work out while on the road.

After a good workout I was famished and went by the dinner bar.  Yuck!  They had Salisbury Fake, I mean Salisbury Steak in this brown gelatinous gravy that looked gross.  They also had canned mixed vegetables and Instant Mashed potatoes Ewwww!  The dining room was packed with people eating this disgusting food.  But it’s free.  I loaded my plate with the  usual salad and fruit with a little extra ranch dressing.  No matter what I cook tonight, it has to be better than brown spam.  Tonight it’s Breaded Ranch Chicken.

I bought 2 chicken breast at the store on my way home.  I’ve never cooked raw chicken in the microwave, but it was a good time to test it.  Ever since the infamous”Laughing hysterically during a meeting at the picture of CornFlakes curing PMS”episode at work, I’ve wanted to try Chicken with CornFlakes or Breaded Ranch Chicken.

The ingredients include 1 chicken breast, parmesan cheese, butter, 1 box of CornFlakes and ranch dressing.

The one good thing on the dinner bar is the salad with plenty of ranch dressing.  Loaded up on Ranch Dressing just for this recipe.

Melt 1 pat of butter in the microwave.  Clean the chicken breast and coat with melted butter.

Crush the box of Cornflakes in a ziploc bag.  I used a water bottle to crush the CornFlakes.  Die! Die! Die!  Oh, I mean gently crush CornFlakes.

Mix gently crushed cornflakes, ranch dressing and parmesan cheese on a plate.  Place the coated chicken in the cornflake mixture and coat well. Place in microwave dish and cover tightly.  Be sure and cover the chicken while cooking.  There is a lot of moisture in the chicken and it will pop out of the dish if not covered.

Cook in the microwave dish for approximately 2 minutes.  Carefully uncover chicken and turn it over.  Cook an additional 2 minutes.  Check chicken for doneness.  The chicken came out surprisingly juicy but most of the coating fell off.  I had to reapply it after cooking.

This recipe was really good but would probably work better in an oven.  The chicken was flavorful and came out better than expected.  Even if it came out tasting like an old shoe, it was still better and healthier than brown spam in mud.


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  1. Goodness I LOVE this idea. I never thought chicken would cook in the micro in under 5 minutes. Casey is going off to college next year and I’m making him read this blog. No more cooking for me!!

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